Ringless Voicemail Marketing Service
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Ringless Voicemail Marketing Service

Welcome… business owners/managers, political campaign directors, professional pollsters, online marketers, social media gurus, multi level marketing leaders and others seeking to massively distribute a message!
Voicemail Marketing


We are a “game changing” announcing platform and seeking to extend this valuable service to you. How would you like a method of reaching your targeted audience with your personally produced message? A message they will consider many times creating an extremely high rate of desired response.

We would like to share a demo of this unique and super effective service with you, just fill in the contact form below. We will immediately deliver to you a sample of what your audience will receive!

Here’s How You Can Reach Out and Touch A Targeted Audience:

We deliver 30-40 second audio marketing messages via our over 80,000 service lines directly to the computers controlling the personal voicemail  of consumers, voters and general audiences without ringing their phones. It’s the most effective marketing strategy available today without exception because of an astounding 96% “Listen Rate”. People will hear your marketing message. Ringless Voice Ads are a non interrupting, non intrusive, soft-sell approach to marketing.

  • Viral Social Media > cannot be considered a strategy because its creation can only be produced by chance
  • Voicemail Listen Rate is 96%
  • SMS (text message marketing) Advertisement Open Rate is 87%
  • Live Agent Listen Rate is 54%
  • Voice Broadcasting Listen Rate is 39%
  • Email Open rate is 23%

Our service is fully FCC and TCPA compliant because no direct phone call is ever made to the consumer, the phone does not ring and the network does not carry a call. It is a direct system-to- voicemail enhanced information service. The FCC defines voicemail services as an Enhanced Information Service and the FCC has intentionally not regulated Enhanced Information Services. Ringless Voice Ads are legal because they’re not Robocall ads.

To accomplish producing your personal message is very easily done utilizing your computer and a record and send software we provide you or you may have us to professionally voice record it for you from your script.

In compiling your targeted recipients list, we will show you how it is quickly done via our 50 million number database that can compile lists based on your needs of zip code, sex and age.

There is no other marketing strategy that even comes close!


Please allow the distributor that informed you of this service, to schedule your receiving a free complimentary demo which will illustrate how we can massively deliver your personal message to any targeted audience you select together with offering you our very competitive rates chart. 

OR, if you lack that contact info:

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Your personally recorded message can:
 * Influence a voter’s understanding
 * Create a swell of new customers for any product or service
 * Request polling feedback on any topic

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